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  • Includes the Downloadable format of ALL lessons (keep forever)
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Note: The price for this version is not a monthly or recurring fee - it is a one time price that gives you access to all lessons. With your purchase of this Version, you will be able to download and keep the lessons forever on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • Once you download the lessons they will not expire - they are yours to keep forever.

As a bonus, you will also receive:

  • Three months of the Streaming Video Version of all lessons at no additional cost. With this version, there are no downloads required. In addition, the lessons play on any device, including iPads, iPhones, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.

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This Downloadable Complete Bundle of All lessons includes content equal to: 14 DVD’s, 4 Play along-CD’s, 1 Interactive CDROM + Book

This Downloadable version Bundle contains Full Versions of ALL of the lessons, including the course titled “Pattern Piano and Keyboard”. Once you have downloaded the lessons, they are yours to keep forever.

Note: You can download the lessons at anytime before your membership expires.

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